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Shady Brady Bon Jovi Hat

Shady Brady Bon Jovi Hat

Manufacturer: Shady Brady
SKU: 130
Price: $78.95

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Shady Brady Wanted Dead or Alive! This authentic western straw hat is often worn by the great Jon Bon Jovi himself while on stage. A rugged but stylish cowboy hat, it is made from woven raffia straw which is known worldwide for its amazing durability and lifelong flexibility. Shady Brady is known for providing quality cowboy hats and especially straw hats. Their craftsman hats are some of the best you can find on the market. You can’t go wrong with a Shady Brady Straw Hat! They are so confident in their product that this straw hat is guaranteed not to crack or break for one full year! If it does…just return it!

The cowboy hat features a twisted leather hat band with a wrap accent and tails. Its matching stampede strap with adjustable bead allows you to still ride your horse without losing your cowboy hat.

You can wear this hat just like Bon Jovi or customize it using the 3 ½” wide brim with wire in the edge that allows you shape the hat for a unique cowboy look.

This sexy straw hat provides an inner sweatband that provides a very comfortable fit against your head. Another feature that makes this straw hat very comfortable to wear is the 5” vented cattlemen crown (square pinch-front crease) which allows for a cool breeze to travel though the hat on that hot summer day! This is one great cowboy hat!


Using a CLOTH tape-measure (or you can use a string then measure the string with a ruler.) Measure around your head beginning about the mid-forehead area just above the ear and going straight around. Send me that measurement in INCHES. That way I can customize a more perfect fit for you. Most adult heads are between 21 to 24 inches.


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