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Mc Graw - Black Straw 10X Country Singer Cowboy Hat
by Scala Hats

This Mc Graw Scala 10X Country Singer Hat is a hand shaped to match your favorite country singers!
SALE PRICE   $41.95

Official Kenny Chesney Palm Leaf Straw Cowboy Hat
Official Kenny Chesney Palm Leaf Straw Hat

Kenny Chesney Hat, Open Weave Palm Straw Hat from Kenny Chesney's Blue Chair Bay Hat line. He can often be seen wearing this cowboy hat on stage!
SALE $53.95

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On a budget? Check out all of our items that are 30 bux or less! From Cowboy Hats, to beanies, to hat bands, we have a great selection of affordable items!

HAND-SHAPED Jason Aldean Resistol Official Georgia Boy Cowboy Hat
HAND-SHAPED Jason Aldean Resistol Official Georgia Boy Cowboy Hat

Get ready for the Burn It Down Tour! Jason Aldean gives this hat a little curl on the sides so we thought we would too if you would like it that way.

Country Singer Hand-Shaped White Straw Cowboy Hat
Country Singer Hand-Shaped White Straw Cowboy Hat
Take this white hat out for line dancing, concerts or a night on the town. We hand shape it for you!
SALE PRICE   $37.95

Kenny Chesney Official Black Wool Pirate Cowboy Hat
Kenny Chesney Official Black Wool Pirate Cowboy Hat

Get it before it's gone! Kenny Chesney's Black Pirate signature hat! From his "Blue Chair Bay Collection". Made in the USA by Milano Hat Co.
SALE PRICE $109.95

George Strait Collection

"She's Country"
from Jason Aldean

Finally a hat for the ladies from the infamous Jason Aldean Official Resistol collection. Get it now in time for Chistmas
SALE PRICE   $48.95

Serratelli 2X White Felt Country Singer Cowboy Hat

Made here in the USA! We hand shape the hat here to look the same way Brad Paisley wears his!.

The UNOFFICIAL TK Cattleman Hat ~Handshaped By Us
The UNOFFICIAL TK Cattleman Hat
You can have the hat that looks just like Toby's. We hand-shape it here so you don't have to
SALE PRICE   $39.95

Best Seller! New Raffia Straw Shady Look Cowboy Hat Stained Edge
Best Seller! Raffia Straw "Shady Look" Hat w/ Stained Edge

This unisex hat is a best seller. Folks love the stained edge straw look and simple style. MADE OF 100% RAFFIA STRAW. STAINED AROUND THE EDGES
SALE PRICE   $24.95

Scala MS208 Straw Fedora
Stetson Cowboy Distressed Leather Collection: Roxbury Hat

Soft "distressed look" leather Stetson with a hidden wire in the brim for easy shaping.
SALE PRICE   $59.95

Black Toyo Straw Cowboy Hat with RACING FLAMES
Black Toyo Straw Cowboy Hat

This Hat is HOT! For a night on town, a good concert, a day at the race track or just because!
SALE PRICE   $19.95

Jason Aldean Official Resistol
Tattoos 3X Cowboy Hat (Pecan)

Lay a lot of memories down like tattoo's in your own town wearing this 3X Wool fully lined PECAN Cowboy Hat by Jason Aldean.
SALE PRICE   $99.95

Kenny Chesney Black Toyo Pinch Front with Palm Concho
Kenny Chesney Black Toyo Straw
Best Seller! This black 100% toyo straw is shapeable and very popular. It is an official Kenny Chesney Blue Chair Bay Hat. SALE PRICE  $34.95

Justin Moore Guns Shapeable Black Hat
Justin Moore "Guns" Hat

This official Bullhide Justin Moore hat is a shapeable felt. It's one of our most popular!


Kenny Chesney Blue Chair Bay 2012 Toasted Palm Leaf Hat Kenny Chesney Hat 100% Raffia Straw with Shell/Bead Band Blue Chair Bay Kenny Chesney Cowboy Hat Official Blue Chair Bay Hand Shaped Palm Leaf Straw Hat. Of all our cowboy hats this on is the most popular. Best Seller Kenny Chesney Palm Straw Cowboy Hat with Heart Concho

Kenny Chesney Hat Blue Chair Bay Straw Hat - Dirty Grass
Kenny Chesney Hat Blue Chair Bay Straw Hat - Dirty Grass
Kenny's sultry and stylish Toyo Straw Hat is smokin. 100% Toyo Straw CLEARANCE SALE

Black Country Entertainer Felt Hat

Black Country Entertainer Felt Cowboy Hat

Country Entertainers love a simple black hat! Now you can have one styled like your favorite star at a fraction of the cost!

Shady Brady Rose
Crushable Raffia Western with Cord & Rose Concho Band

This crushable Raffia From Shady Brady is an instant classic!
SALE PRICE   $69.95

100% Raffia Straw -
100% Raffia Straw - "Shady Look" Cowboy Hat, Shapeable
This stylish “Shady Look” hat is worn by men and women. It has a “Cowboy-style” Crown and decorative Stampede Chin Strap. One of our most popular hats.
SALE PRICE  $27.95

White Stomped Look Cowboy Hat

White Stomped On Look - Canvas Cowboy Hat

Like holes in jeans, this POPULAR hat is roughed up a bit to look like you've been wearing it for years.

The Cowboy Hat is an enduring American Image and has been a part of American Culture since the late 1800’s when Johns Stetson invented the first Cowboy Hat. Stetson learned the craft of hat making from his father and cut his teeth on many of the popular hat styles of the time like coonskins, boilers, civil war hats and other hats. However, he determined that he could take the same felt used in other hats to make a wide brimmed hat better suited for the western work conducted by cowboys, ranchers and those working in dry, hot climates. The first official cowboy hat was called the “Boss of the Plains” and became an instant classic because it offered wide brims that could be used to shade the western sun as well as be used to fan you from the devastating heat. Its deep crown could be used to give water to you or your horse and could be used to shoo cows in one direction or another. Stetson’s hats (as well as Resistol Hats – another popular brand) were made from waterproof felt and soon became the gold standard by which all cowboy hats were measured against. In fact, George Strait - who will be in concert in 2014 - wears Resistol hats. Stetson’s original design has essentially remained unchanged after all these years! While different materials like straw became more popular the principle shape and design hasn’t changed. Straw cowboy hats like those offered by Shady Brady have become wildly popular in today’s culture. This is primarily because of their flexibility which easily allows the wearer to shape his or her hat the style they most like. Nowadays with companies like Charlie 1 Horse the cowboy hat can be used to make fashion statement. How a person wore the cowboy hat was also very important. Many like to wear it pulled down in the front with the sides rolled up. This would shield the person’s eyes from the viewer and make the wearer look cool and tough. Country Music superstars like Kenny Chesney or Jason Aldean like to wear their cowboy hats this way. No matter how you wear it or if it’s made of Straw or Felt, the Cowboy Hat is here to stay.

Cowboy Hat Country: Hand Shaped Cowboy Hats and MORE!!

Cowboy Hat Country specializes in custom Hand Shaped Cowboy Hats. You'll find Kenny Chesney Blue Chair Bay line, Toby Keith, Brad, Tim Stetson, Charlie 1 Horse and more, we hand-shape and customize our cowboy hats to look just like your favorite music stars' hat.
We also carry a vast collection of traditional cowboy hats. "Stomped on look," Straw Hats, Scala Hats, Shady Brady Hats, Indiana Jones Fedoras and more.
We are a women owned, and family operated business that emphasizes quality and customer care. We've built up a reliable customer base over the years as an eBay Power Seller then decided to open an online store.
If you are looking for something unique or custom, drop us a line. We've customized hats for weddings, special events, company outings, and more. We proudly supports the US Military!
Email us at: customerservice@cowboyhatcountry.com
If you are interested in becoming an official Cowboy Hat Country reseller and would like to stock some of our hand-shaped Kenny Chesney hat line or our popular Jason Aldean line, or even our hard to find "Stomper" Cowboy Hat in your local store, please contact our sales team at customerservice@cowboyhatcountry.com
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Our Business Hours are: 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM, Monday - Friday, Pacific Standard Time.
If you have a question before you place your order, please email us and a representative will reply to your email as soon as possible or give us a call at (951) 704-9761
PAYPAL ID: customerservice@cowboyhatcountry.com

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